Meet Jessica

Your Wellness Business Mentor

Hi love! I'm so excited you're here! I'm Jessica Tatieze! I help up and coming wellness professionals get clear and focused so they can confidently grow their business and thrive on every level.

As the founder of Zara Clinic in Vancouver, Washington, and as a licensed acupuncturist, I am passionate about helping patients feel way better than just okay using simple solutions for radiant health.

It was through my work with Zara Clinic that I learned the hard way what it really takes to grow a successful wellness business that is both impacting patients' lives and fulfilling my own happiness.

Now as a business mentor, I LOVE to help other talented practitioners and healers grow their businesses into the amazing lives they have imagined, with more impact and more income. The many lessons that I learned now allow me to save my clients the unnecessary waste of time, money, and frustration that I went through!

When I’m not following my passion for spreading health and wellness, I love my time with family more than anything else! My husband Fabrice is a great support to me and we love hanging out at home. My mini-me Jada is spunky and fun, and my two boys Adrian and Xander could not be any sweeter yet full of energy!

One ‘secret’ about me? I may be passionate about health and wellness, but I have a major sweet tooth! I love anything with sugar and the only way I won’t eat it is if it is not in the house!

I want to welcome you here to our amazing You Glow community, and I want you to know that anything you can dream up for your wellness business and your life is completely possible!

Cheers to success, happiness, and fulfillment as we change the world with our wellness businesses!

jessica tatieze